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London Luton Airport, Consultation on Arrivals Flight Paths

Re : London Luton Airport, Consultation on Arrivals Flight Paths

Dear Sir/Madam

Walkern Parish Council would like to state clearly that it strongly objects to any expansion of Luton Airport.
Having looked at the proposed option for Westerly Winds Arrivals, which is 70% of arrivals to Luton Airport, dispersed tracks need to be considered as we stated in our previous response to the proposed increase in passenger numbers dated 9th November 2020.

Clearly it is fairer and more equitable that the noise and pollution from arriving aircraft should be spread over the greatest possible area, largely over open countryside, not over concentrated populations. In a normal year, especially in the Summer months, the noise from aircraft on their landing approach make it difficult to sleep or have a window open. During the day you cannot have a conversation with a person standing right next to you.

The jettison of fuel is obnoxious and highly pollutant, which raises additional concern as there is a primary school on the flightpath.

The fact that the preferred option of the Airport is to channel arrivals into a narrower approach is irrelevant, as it is they who are the cause of the problem.

The London Luton Airport Authority state that this is a safety issue, because they want to expand passenger numbers. Again, this would not be an issue if they keep to the 18 million limit which was democratically agreed and legally signed up to by all parties in 2013 and expected to hold to 2028.

This consultation seems to assume that numbers of aircraft will increase and therefore plans need to be made regarding their approach to Luton. It is clear that, until the long-term effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the economy are more clearly known, no such assumption should be made.

Yours faithfully
on behalf of Walkern Parish Council

Heidi Broady
Clerk to Walkern Parish Council